Romantic Warriors


Dream About You

Sním o Tobě

I saw you on the street again, but I don´t know what´s your name. You have to tell me, do it baby. I wanna talk to you, my love.         But one night´s not enough - so talk to me and don´t be shy.        You break my heart, break my soul - Stay with me, don´t let me go.  I wanna stay with you forever. Yes, there´s something you should know. Need you, love you more and more - I cannot hide my feelings, baby.

ref.: Baby I dream about you, baby I think about you - I cannot live without your love - my heart still really want you. so baby

I know it´s hard to find good friends - it´s time for sweet romance.  I´ll give you more than everyone. I cannot live without your love. Secret voice of lonely heart - it´s written in your eyes, my baby.   You drive me crazy, drive me mad - baby your heart is not dead. You still alive, it´s all right with you. I try to find right way to you.       I hope my dreams come true - cos´ everything it´s up to you..



I had a dream - It´s seem so real - that´s my passion, that´s right what I feel. In a world of fantasy - I find you and you find me. Birds on trees - I think it´s a jungle. I´m your girl and you´re my tiger. Let me be your bodyguard - you told me stright from your heart. I don´t know what can I say so let´s try to play this game..

ref.: Be my tiger, tiger, tiger - fighting in the jungle, fighting for my dreams, baby doesn´t seem. Tiger, tiger, tiger fighting in the jungle, fighting for my love, tigers haven´t enough.

I had a dream, it´s seem so real - that´s my passion what I feel. It´s warm weather and moon so bright - here I am. It´s dark night, there´s no light. I heard a lion´s roar, it´s near to me. Help me tiger  where is your company. Need you here and need you by my side. Need protection, need your loving heart. Love is a real and life is here, but I want to go to your dream

Romantic Warriors

Romantičtí válečníci

Hey - it hurts to be alone - Yeah, yeah - my heart is not a stone.     Uhh, Uhh - nobody calls my name - Uhh, Uhh - it cuts like knife again.  I need romantic love, I need romantic dream - It´s O.K.

ref.: Romantic warriors fighting for my love, for my dreams, for my heart. Romantic heroes waiting for me, waiting for touch, waiting for a real. Romantic warriors, Romantic warriors they never lose..

Hey - I know a lonely nights - Yeah, yeah - that´s not a lullybays.      Uhh, Uhh - I´m walking in the rain - Ooh, Ooh - time never heal the pain. I need romantic love, I need romantic dream - It´s O.K.

LaLa LaLaDiDu

La la didu

You break my heart - you break my soul

You break my heart - you break my soul - I´ll stay with you.       Don´t let me go.Now it´s time to tell you a true. I love you babe like lovers do, like lovers do. Love is a chain that´s keep me here.          I need your love so look at me. I need you more than everyone     all what you need is sex and fun, follow your sun. Do you wanna sleep with me? ref.: Lalalaladidu - I wanna baby sleep with you. Lalalaladidu - all I wanna is be with you. Lalalaladidu - it´s emtpy place without you. Lalalaladidu - tell me now what can I do?

You break my heart - don´t let me down

You break my heart - don´t let me down - I´m not your fool. I´m not your claun. There´s no me babe without you. Don´t make me cry, don´t make me blue, so what to do.

Nobody knows what can I feel - you hypnotize me in my fear.           I know it hurts to be in love. Don´t close your eyes - open your heart, open your heart... Do you wanna sleep with me?

99% Of My Love

99% mé lásky

Why do you baby make me sad? Why do you sleep in another bed? - You hurt me and I will cry. Love you more than words can say - for your love I have to pray. I´m dying without your love.      All the pain I feel again, I´m missing love and I just miss the train          / miss you baby /

I´m crying like little child - need you here and by my side - I love you and I always will. I never have, what I want - My heart is like lonely home. I´m lonely without your touch.

ref.: I give you 99 % of my love - I give you you what you want     99 % of my dreams - my heart is not a stone. 99 % of my love,     99 % of my dreams, 99 % of my pain, 99 % of my sex - baby that´s not a lie.

In the ways of lonelliness - I feel sick, my heart is mess. I do, do what you want - jelousy it´s cuts like knife. Do you want another wife - tonight I will survive.

Tell me baby what is wrong - I´m weak and you´re strong. And true is far away. - Tell me boy what is right - say hello or say goodbye - why love really die?

Another Day

Další den

If you want to go - so baby go my way. If you you want to know. I´ll take you anywhere. To land of dreams - to the land of love. Together we can find your loosing heart. Love will survive       you can find in your heart.

ref.: Another day with you - so baby don´t feel blue - I wanna be with you forever. Another day with you - all I wanna do is just to be with you forever.

If you want to do - so do these things with me. If you want to help so here´s my company. You never be a lonely boy / oh no / Here I stand - so never let me go. Love is the life - live your life - live your love...



Love is a passion, love is a fire, love is desire, love is the ocean, love is emotion, love is a devotion, love is a question.

Here I stand on railway station, I see problems, complications. Rain, rain falling down again-miss the love, miss the train. Hand, hand tickets in my hand, I´m here without friends. Hearteache, nothing but a hearteache - oh I know it oh I feel it. Love is a fire, fire is desire. Baby, baby can´t you see love is gone and you are free.

ref.: And trains go on, baby can´t you see - And friends are gone, love is a history. And trains go on without you and me. And trains go on, love is a mystery. And trains don´t wait for us. And trains don´t wait, baby can´t you see? And trains don´t wait for you and me.

You, you only you and me, empty station, we are here. Eyes, eyes when I look at your eyes they teel something you can´t hide. Smile, smile see it in your face, take my hand, make friends. Love, love will survive again - I´m your lover, I´m your friend. Love is a fire, fire is desire.

Love Is Maybe Here

Láska je možná tady

Love is harder than it seems - In my heart you hear my screams. I never trust to pretty face. There´s no love, there´s no place for my love. ref.: Follow me, we´ll go this way - it´s better than to stay.

This is fair game what we play, you will understand.

Love is here and love is there love is maybe everywhere. Baby, loosers never win and winners never loose. Boy you have to open your eyes, wake up, do it, don´t think twice. Take every chance for love and never ever stop

There´s no chance, chance to win - I feel pain under my skin. Little love always die. Sun has left my lonely sky, tell me why?



It´s five o´clock in Paris - I cannot sleep ..

It´s empty room - there´s no love - I´m sitting here alone. My heart is not a stone.Tears in my eyes - you´re telling me a lie. You have another guy - leave me and say goodbye. There´s no friend you can rely - There´s no love you can hide. You know it and it´s a true.. ref.: Nicole bring back my love again - Nicole where is my lonely friend. Nicole here I stand, here I cry - Nicole tell me why? intro: Behind my smile - I still cry..

It´s hard to live and easy to die - you broke my promises - tell me why? No help it seems - no way to you - so much pain, hearteache too. I feel blue. You can run, but you can´t hide from loneliness. there´s no helping hand, life lost sense and magic.

Angels Cry

Andělé pláčou

It´s a secret - I have to tell - there´s a place , people call it  hell. Behind the doors 65 - devils still alive. In the ways of loneliness see the devils in black dress. They have no face, have no name they play unfair game. Devils know where find your soul, stole from you and let you go. Kill your dreams, kill your heart - they do every night. Welcome to the hell - I´m a king of darkness -            My name is Lucifer.

ref.: Angels cry - devils smile - all your dreams will die. Angels cry devils smile - hope will not survive.

Close your eyes to the seven - hear the voice, voice from heaven. Don´t shake hands with the devil - you will crucifed. Save your love keep the faith - take your chance - don´t hesitate. I promise you you will survive on the wings of love.

Russian Dreams

Ruské sny

Natasha tells me: I feel so alone, here I am, don´t let me go.             I wanna be part of you - I´ll do it best what you wanna do. I´ll give you, what you never had - I´ll give you love, it´s more than drug. I´m waiting for your tiny kiss, so kiss me - I don´t wanna miss. I´m lonely Natasha, I´m living in Russia - My heart belongs to you, oh where my dreams come true?

ref.: Oh tell me something about Russian dreams - what is real and baby what it seems? Oh tell me something about Russian love - if you love me, it´s good enough, it´s good enough. Love, love, love never come easy - Love, love, love hold me, don´t tease me. Love, love, love is just a pain and sorrow - Love, love, love me tomorrow.

Natasha tells me: take my hand, take my hand and understand        I wanna be more than friend. My love and hope will never end. Natasha said to little Tanja: I have to go, so dasvidanja. Nothing really change my mind. There is something I can´t hide. I´m lonely Natasha. I´m living in Russia - My heart belongs to you, oh where my dreams come true?

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